We are delighted to have you as an ELS Global Affiliate partner. To be a part of our affiliate program, you must follow the protocol outlined in our Affiliate Terms & Conditions agreement. We choose our affiliates based on the following factors, among others.

  • An Affiliate must be able to take and deliver reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A highly experienced chauffeur with at least three years of limousine service experience.
  • All required operating government licenses for limousine service.
  • Each fleet should retain quality and be not more than three years old.
  • Each chauffeur is responsible for maintaining the business appearance and decorum.

We are eagerly awaiting the right partner to join us. If you are interested in and wanted to learn more about ELS affliciation service, please complete the form below or get in touch with us by mailing your details at

Does your business provides 24/7 operation?
Does your business is registered with NLA?
All of your vehicles in the business less than three years old?
Do all of your chauffeurs have at least three years of experience?
Is your entire chauffeur staff dressed in business attire during the service?
Does each of your vehicles have a minimum of complementary amenities such as spring water and mint?
Is each of your chauffeurs covered by million-dollar insurance?
Every chauffeur is subjected to a drug test every year?
Is every chauffeur background check completed?
Is every chauffeur fluent in the English language?
Enter the characters shown in the image.
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