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Navin S Kalra


Executive Luxury Service Inc. with a rich history driven by Mr. Navin Kalra. He has been in the industry since 1998, starting as an independent contractor with a large executive transportation group providing services to executives and attorneys. Through his years of experience, he realized that some clients expected a higher level of service, which led him to start his own premium transportation company - Executive Luxury Service Inc. Today, the name speaks for itself.              

Since 2012, Navin attaches great importance to the fact that every task is carried out with the utmost care, because we believe that your pleasure - our contentment. Navin believes that employees contribute more to its success. For this reason, ELS has focused on training and developing its employees so that they can provide excellent services while contributing to the company's success. In the modern business world, where every businessman wants to gain as many customers as possible, he has always tried to focus on the overwhelming satisfaction of his executives' customers. He has always welcomed all suggestions and new developments and made sure that they are implemented. Navin is committed to providing the highest level of luxury transportation services to his discerning customers.